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Using hypnosis as a means against physical or psychological complaints. That's hypnotherapy. Hypnosis helps you connect more easily and better to your subconscious mind. With your needs and your options.

You go into a trance through hypnosis, while you remain full control. You realize what is happening and you consciously experience everything. With my voice I guide you to that place in your brain where what you really want is stored: Your subconscious mind.

There you become aware of the thresholds that your rational consciousness raises and which impede you every day. There you will receive additional information about your wishes. There I provide you insights to bypass those barriers, and teach you to act according to your wishes instead.

And there the healing begins.

Healing Highway

Hypnotherapy is suitable for people who have a specific goal and have already made many attempts to achieve it. Think of:
People who struggle to lose weight
People who want to quit smoking


People who mourn or become depressed


People who get stuck in their emotions and want to be freed from fears or phobias


People who want to perform better with, for example, their studies or sports

Hypnotherapy is a high speed road for people who want to experience results in the shortest time. Since you work directly with the subconscious mind, you will achieve a better result with regard to your goal in only one to three hypnotherapeutic sessions. Plateau out, maybe try again. Trying to keep going, while you keep failing.

Make lasting changes thanks to hypnotherapy:


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