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Making people healthier & happier. That's my mission. I help you get in touch with yourself so you can grow. I do that by creating space and evoking your energy. By providing a positive energy flow that gives you the freedom to move to a higher emotional and spiritual level, with a lifestyle that fits you.

Yoga is my passion. It's this way of life that brings me extreme bliss, every single day. I have been studying yoga for more than 20 years. For example, I have completed the basic training, the teacher training, followed by a master's degree in Raja yoga and Integrative Yoga Therapy. I've also completed all eight steps of Maharishi Patanjali, the Father of yoga.
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Karma Dechen Drolma
Liberatrice of great bliss female

Stand Above The State of Change. That's the meaning of my spiritual name I got in 2016, from Lama Rinchen Palmo during a retreat in Holy Isle, Scotland. I received this honor because I took refuge. And I owe the name to the fact that I can make the energy in people's bodies flow.

As a master I can perform esoteric healing by bringing your energy back into balance and restore harmony. I use different methods for this. That's why we always first review, together, what works best for your personal past and what's needed for you to achieve harmony. To create a vision of your lifestyle. Only in this way can your body heal itself from within.


The Raja Yoga Institute

Basic Education

The Raja Yoga Institute

Teacher Training

The Raja Yoga Institute


Ecole Karma Kagyu de Bouddhisme Tibetain

Dharma Name

School of Ayurveda & Panchakama

Integrative Yoga Therapy


Yoga Medicine's Guide to Therapeutic Yoga


Acupressure Facelift - International Qualification


Diploma in Acupressure for Detoxification & Weight loss


Chair Massage Certificate Course


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Advanced Diploma

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You don't see anything when you experience pure consciousness,
you become everything

The Mind's Essence
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