What you aspire, is your choice, really

Raja yoga & Integrative
Yoga Therapy

Raja yoga mainly focuses on emotional and spiritual development of people. It helps you to become aware of your body. In tune with your senses and self-esteem.
It addresses your body by giving it spiritual love. Via Raja yoga we work on your inner peace & harmony. Create an overview of the possibilities for your life. Work on your wishes, because then you can choose the route for your life path. What you aspire, is your choice, really.

Through Integrative Yoga Therapy I combine all powerful yoga techniques, such as Mantra, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, meditation, Kriya, Mudra, Samyama and Samadhi. You will receive appropriate exercises based on your struggles and symptoms. I use the ancient insights of yoga in a modern program, where I focus on yoga as healing method.

Royal Yoga

Raja yoga is also known as Royal yoga or Classic yoga, because it combines all existing yoga forms into one single system.

Maharishi Patanjali is the founder of Raja yoga. He is considered the Father of yoga because he recognized that yoga is all-encompassing. He made sure that the essence of the different yoga forms come together as a whole in his "Yoga-sutras" (teaching poems).

In yoga, Patanjali distinguishes eight clear, consecutive steps, which are practiced integrally. Practicing these steps through yoga techniques naturally improves the physical and mental health. The eight steps in yoga are:


First we stop auto-behaviour, such as habits and prejudices. Yoga helps you understand the meaning of the universal values (Yamas), such as non-violence, truthfulness, honesty, energy conserving and covetousness.


After that, practicing yoga in a playful way creates awareness of the meaning of the individual values (Niyamas): Purity, satisfaction, sobriety, self-study and surrender.


Physical postures (Asanas) help you to improve your physical condition. This leads to fewer complaints, better coordination and an overall improved physical flexibility of the body.


Through an improved conditioning you can deepen your breathing and optimize your energy management (Pranayama). That leads to an increase in your spiritual awareness.


You rediscover the functioning of the senses. Yoga makes you use your senses more consciously by detaching them (Pratyahara). We're still talking about External Yoga here.


In step six we practice Inner Yoga. This starts with learning to focus on yourself (Dharana). Yoga teaches you to naturally release all obstructive and disturbing thoughts.


When the disturbing thoughts have disappeared from your consciousness, we speak of meditation (Dhyana). Your thinking process has transformed into calm, efficient and effective.


Finally, you tune in to the essential nature of your being (Samadhi) and you will develop your personal vision of life.

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