Thai Yoga Massage

Nuad Bo Rarn is a traditional Thai yoga massage that resolves physical complaints. It helps you to completely clear your head and relax your body, so that it can recharge itself with new energy. This is done by applying pressure to the blocked energy channels in your body: the Nadis.
Working the muscles until all tension and stress has dissipated. Stretching, lengthening, and bending of limbs until the body is completely flexible again. Massaging stressful areas and other blockages from your body, ensures that energy can flow freely through your body again. That is Nuad Bo Rarn.

The energy that flows through you has to come back into balance with the structure of your body. By applying Nuad Bo Rarn, I manipulate the Nadis in such a way that the obstructions disappear. Nadis are the energy channels or energy lines in your body. They're also called the meridians or Chi lines.

The movements and positions of the Nuad Bo Rarn are very similar to those of the Asana within yoga, the body position with which one lengthens and stretches, purely physical, to become more flexible and vital. It is therefore also jokingly called "yoga for lazy people".


UNESCO recognizes Thai massage as part of the art, science and culture of traditional Thai health care. It is therefore on the UNESCO list for intangible heritage, because the organization believes that Nuad Bo Rarn is an expertise "passed down from generation to generation, culminating in recognized doctrine".

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